Prolong the Life of Your Capillary Array 

Are you seeing:

  • Loss of resolution?
  • Broadened or "fat" peaks?
  • Delayed DNA peaks?
  • Blue & yellow bands in some of the capillaries but not all?
  • One or two capillaries showing no peaks?

If so, these symptoms may be a sign that your sequencer's capillary array is in need of a good cleaning. All you'll need to perform this procedure is dilute nitric acid, and a few other materials you're sure to have around the lab.

Depending on your type of machine, the manufacturer charges up to $6000 for a new capillary array. However, by downloading our free guide, you can restore your capillary array to pristine condition for many runs to come! 

*This array wash procedure is specifically designed for the ABI 3130, 3130XL, 3730, & 3730XL sequencers. If you're experiencing difficulties with other machines, contact us for troubleshooting services.