Need to Purchase a DNA Analyzer/Sequencer?

You are seeking a DNA analyzer/Sequencer but you are not quite sure which option is best for your needs? We can help! Simply give our sales representative a call to go over the specifications and your preferences to find the perfect match.


There are a few questions you must ask yourself for your specific needs:

1. What type of application am I planning to use on the instrument, Sequencing or GenoTyping?

2. How many samples am I planning to process per day or per week?

3. What is my budget?

Here are a few key points to keep in mind for your future purchase.

3730/3730xl- This instrument has been the leading model with the highest demand in the industry. What makes this instrument so special? It processes 48-96 samples per injection for faster and cost efficient data analyzation.

3500/3500xl- Continues to be the most popular instrument in the market, for its simple design and low maintenance. The laser life span is longer and better. Perfect for those smaller facilities. It processes 8-24 samples per injection. 

Yes, SeqGen sells and buys back instruments. All of our instruments are fully refurbished and functional to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Our inventory also includes 310, 3100/3100 Avant, and 3130/3130xl. The prices range and it depends on the model, the overall exterior condition and availability.

We have a market for international customers also. Even though, SeqGen is not offering service plans for international customers at this time, only time and materials, we can help you with your instrument purchase. We can offer up to 90-days hardware warranty, and onsite installation can be added for an additional fee. 

Written by Viviana Podzimek

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