Does My HiSeq Need a Tune-UP?

21 December 2016

Check these 5 things.

We don’t need to tell you the importance of having your HiSeq operating at its full potential, but it can be difficult to determine if your machine is in need of a preventative maintenance visit.

But luckily there are a few tell-tale signs to look for in each area. If you feel that your HiSeq performance is beginning to decline, and you’re noticing discrepancies in your data, check for these 5 things for common errors.

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Keep Your HiSeq Healthy With Regular Preventative Maintenance

15 December 2016

Your lab has made the leap into the next generation sequencing world. It's an amazing technology that has exceeded the boundaries of what traditional sequencing methods could support. With tons of moving parts in the HiSeq, the list of possible errors you can encounter during a run is seemingly endless.

This quicker sequencing capability also brings the concern of bigger and costlier repairs or even annual maintenance service. To avoid sub-par results from your samples, a preventative maintenance visit should be scheduled at least once a year for your HiSeq.

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3130 and 7900 Obsolescence is Approaching Quickly. Do you Have a Plan?

07 December 2016

If you have an ABI 3130/xl or 7900HT, you’ve probably been asking yourself “What will I do when the OEM stops servicing my machine?” Depending on your labs’ specific situation, it might make sense to go ahead and upgrade to a newer model, but this just doesn’t make sense for a lot of the labs out there.

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Does Your MiSeq Need a PM?

01 December 2016

Congratulations! You finally have a fancy new next-generation sequencer, and now your throughputs are going to go through the roof. However, just like with any sequencer, you need to have a coverage plan, for instances when something goes horribly wrong. You might think that you’ll be fine for the first year since Illumina provides a warranty, but that isn’t quite the case.

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