Instrument Decommissioning and Recommissioning for Your Lab Relocation

How to request our services for your instruments?

­­Trade in 3130 Series for 3500 Series DNA Analyzer while supplies and promotions last

Perform routine maintenance for mobile phases in the LCMS system

See you at MSACL 2023

How to save Windows event logs in SCIEX Analyst software?

Are you maintaining your ABI 3130 or Upgrading to ABI 3500?

See You at ISHI 33 in Washington DC!

Upgrade a 3130 to 3500 Genetic Analyzer

See You At ASMS 2022!

Troubleshooting Mass Spectrometers 4500/5500/6500

Why does your Tecan Freedom EVO need an annual PM?

Continuing ABI 3130 and ABI 3130xl Service is Possible!

Service, Buy and Sell from an ISO 9001:2015 certified company-SeqGen

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Our Array Cleaning Procedure Can Save Your Lab Up To $6000!

3130 Series Training

What Do You Know About SeqGen?

Need to Purchase a DNA Analyzer/Sequencer?

HOW TO: Safely Move Your ABI 3730xl Instrument Down The Hall.

Looks Can Be Deceiving....

Did The Manufacturer Discontinue Maintenance For Your Machine?

How To: Check Your Fuses In Five Easy Steps

The Mystery of the Malfunctioning Genetic Analyzer

It's 2018 – Time To Get Your Budget In Gear!

Leak Detected on Your ABI 3500? Here’s What To Do.

Do You Really Need To Replace Your Data Collection Software?

Why You Need To Back Up Windows STAT

Back Up Your Data (Or You'll Be Sorry!)

Your Laser Is Dead. Now What?

Error Message Got You Down? Do These 3 Things First!

Best of the Blog: 5 Must-Read Posts From Our Archives

Are You Struggling With A Clogged Sequencer?

Don't Forget To Flush — Your Water Trap, That Is

4 Easy Tips To Help Prolong Your Laser's Lifespan

Still Running Windows XP?

Did You Leave the Stove On?

Making A Move? Don't Worry. Be Happy.

3730 Connection Check

The Forgotten Truth

The Big, Ugly Green Monster Attacked Again. (Sequencer Producing a Green/Blue Background During Runs? Here’s How to Troubleshoot It)

What Should I Do If My MiSeq Fails to Measure Flow Rate When Starting Runs?

Continuing Your 7900HT and 3130/xl Maintenance

Your Sequencer Deserves a Spring Break Too

Resuspending Your Samples In Water? Follow These 3 Precautions

4 Ways to Extend Your Lab's Budget Instantly

SeqGen is Now ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Re-Purposing Your Old Polymer

Is It Time for Your 3500 Genetic Analyzer's PM?

Optimizing MiSeq Library Cluster Density

Don't Use Just Any Water In Your MiSeq

SeqGen Can Give Your Lab an NGS Make-Over

Our 5 Most Helpful Hints

Fiscal Fitness Resolutions for Your Sequencer and qPCRs

Does My HiSeq Need a Tune-UP?

Keep Your HiSeq Healthy With Regular Preventative Maintenance

3130 and 7900 Obsolescence is Approaching Quickly. Do you Have a Plan?

Does Your MiSeq Need a PM?

Z Axis Error? What is Your Autosampler Saying?

Still Running Windows XP?

How 3130/xl & 3730/xl Air Filters Effect Laser Life

Biweekly Tune-Ups For Your 3130/xl and 3730/xl

Monthly 3130/xl and 3730/xl Maintenance Tips

Weekly Maintenance for Your 3130/xl and 3730/xl

Flush Those Traps

Is Your Sequencer Giving you the Cold Shoulder?

Electrical Discharge Error? No Problem!

Sensors and Grippers and Trays - Oh My

The Black Screen of Death

How Will I Continue my ABI 3130 and 7900 Maintenance?

Is Your ABI 3730 Having Trouble Initializing? Time to Check The Fuses

Are your 3730 Results a Little Hazy? You May Have a Leak

Why Am I Seeing a Blue Background on My ABI 3730?

How Often Should You Change the Polymer on your Genetic Analyzers?

To Health With Your Sequencers

Keep Your Pump Happy

Sequencer Laser Change

What Is Your Laser Trying To Tell You?

What to do When Your Machine Wants a Vacation

It's Never Too Late For Spring Cleaning

Moving Your Machine Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

Is It Time To Upgrade My Equipment?

A Company You Can Count On

Capillary Leak Detected

Prolong the Life of Your Machine with Preventative Maintenance

4 Benefits of Using a Third Party Service Provider

Worried About Continuing Maintenance on your 3130 or 7900HT?

Is Your Lab Equipment Properly Protected?

Does Your Sequencer Still Think It's Spring Break?

CRISPR: Changing the Game of Genetics

Don't Know What To Do With Your Old Equipment? We'll Take It!

Words From Our Clients

We Want your Old Equipment!

Love Your 3130? Keep it!

Can You Prolong the Life of Your Capillary Array?

Cost Saving Polymer Tips “They” Won’t Tell You

A few words about 10x dilution buffer

Water or Hi-Di Formamide? Some Interesting Information!

Why Use a Third Party Service Provider Anyway???

Preventative Maintenance – Is it time?

Pump and Lower Block Cost Saving Tips

Journey to the “Almost Center” of Africa

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Automation

The Pain of Moving

For Want of a Nail

When Your Machine Takes a Vacation

The Standard for Standardization

The Truth About Air Filters

Spatial Calibrations (not SPAM)

Our Array Cleaning Procedure Can Save Your Lab Up To $6000!

Leak Detect Error? Don’t Panic!

qPCR “Base”ics

qPCR – The Rest of the Story…

When It’s Time to Retire Your Machine

Y2015 and Windows 7 Workstations

Yes, We are that company...

To Compress or Not to Compress...

Tiny Tips From the Field

Those Pesky Autosamplers Again!

A Failure to Communicate

Spring Cleaning for Your Sequencer/qPCR

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