Do You Really Need To Replace Your Data Collection Software?

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SeqGen is incredibly dedicated to its customers and their machines. Your concerns are our concerns. We have recieved many emails and phone calls from our customers asking whether they have to upgrade their sequencing and fragment analysis software to work on the Windows 7 operating system. Like many major updates to these machines, this maintenance can be rather pricey. Before you write that check, you’ll want to make sure you actually need the update. 

You may have gotten a notice from your manufacturer saying that in order to keep your machines secure and efficient, your software must be replaced to run under Windows 7. Upgrading your software may not sound like an inconvenience at first. But here's the catch: that upgrade will likely cost you thousands of dollars. 

So, is this upgrade really necessary?

The main reason you’re being asked to update your system is for security purposes. Microsoft no longer supports the old Windows XP operating system because it had a few loopholes, and those holes made users vulnerable to cyber attacks. Since you’ve been told your data collection software does not work with the new operating system, you’ve been led to believe you need to upgrade this technology for an astronomical sum of money. 

We know you love your 3730/xl and 3130/xl machines just the way they are, and paying for an costly update may not be an expense you're willing to consider. Since we do insist that you update your operating system to Windows 7 if you intend to connect your computer to the internet, we're cutting you a sweet deal. 

SeqGen is now able to upgrade your computer and operating system to the Windows 7 platform, so you don't have to upgrade your data collection software. Additionally, we are bringing this package to you for $1500 plus shipping and handling. You will still have to learn the new operating system, but this upgrade is far more manageable and affordable. And as always, you can expect SeqGen's reliably excellent service throughout the update process. 

Our goal at SeqGen is to make sure your machines are running smoothly and efficiently. We are here to offer our dependable customer service and support to keep cost under control for any new upgrade. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

For more money-saving tips on the 3130/xl and 3730/xl, check out our complete maintenance guide. Grab your free copy today and eliminate unnecessary downtime for years to come.

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Written by Daryle Baine

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