Is Your Sequencer Giving you the Cold Shoulder?

28 September 2016

There are few other things in this world more frustrating than getting the cold shoulder for a reason you can’t even guess. Is your sequencer’s data collection software giving you the cold shoulder? And by cold shoulder we’re actually referring to the yellow triangle status.

This is a fairly common problem that can be explained by a multitude of causes, luckily we have a solution. Some of the most common times we see this is when the computer name has been changed or incorrectly changing the settings on the computer can lead to this mishap. In order to ensure that the computer name is set correctly, follow these four easy steps.

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Electrical Discharge Error? No Problem!

21 September 2016

For every problem you may encounter with any of your machines, we are here to help you find the solution. If your 3130 or 3730 is giving  you an error which reads: “Electrical Discharge Error,” one of the possible causes could be an issue with your pump’s one-way check valve . The error may indicate that the valve is malfunctioning, resulting in the back-flow of liquid to the polymer bottle. This leads to incomplete filling of your array and causes the old polymer to remain in the capillary.  The end result is a bad spatial intensity, as well as an electrical discharge error.

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Sensors and Grippers and Trays - Oh My

14 September 2016

What is going on in the cosmos? We seem to be receiving a lot of calls and emails regarding the ABI 3730 autosampler.  A very common error reported is: “Autosampler Detect a Non-assigned tray”.  

This can be an especially tricky issue to deal with since the autosampler relies on many moving parts. To walk you through this problem and get your machine back up and running, we’ve compiled a few tips we’ve learned from dealing with these machines in the field.

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