Are you maintaining your ABI 3130 or Upgrading to ABI 3500?


Winter is almost over, and warm temperatures are slowly coming back. The cold weather lowered my car's tire pressure, and I need to check if the ice has caused any minor damage. It is the perfect time to get my car wheels checked and maintained. 

In the same way, your genetic analyzer has essential parts and consumables that need extra attention to keep it in good condition and extend its longevity. To name one, the capillary array is like the wheel of your instrument; having it in good shape will save you lots of troubles later on.

Whether upgrading or maintaining, it is important to know what you know and entrust it to the good care of a quality service provider (we are proud to be that provider) for years to come. We are constantly being asked by our customers about the future of ABI 3130 service since Thermo Fisher announced the discontinuity of the ABI 3130 consumables.

But for us, it's not yet the end of the story. We plan to continue our service for the 3130 series as long as you have the capillary array. Keeping the array clean is essential to prolong the lifespan of your sequencer and improve data quality. Find a free copy of our capillary array wash procedure here. This has tremendously helped our customers improve their capillary array performance.


When the time finally comes to replace the 3130 capillary array because you can no longer purchase, upgrading to ABI 3500/3500xl genetic analyzer will do you good to continue your lab operation and keep it updated with the latest features the 3500 series offers.

Our Platinum Contract and Times & Materials cover preventative maintenance and troubleshooting utilizing OEM standards with a priority response time window.


Questions? Our top-notch service team got your back. Drop your thoughts or request here, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, enjoy the warmer weather and let your season be just as chill as this to-the-end winter wind brings you.

Written by Service Team

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