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Instrument Decommissioning and Recommissioning for Your Lab Relocation

31 July 2023

Instrument relocation is an unavoidable part of a lab relocation, transition or lab rearrangement. Regardless of moving distance, a successful relocation involves a two-part process of decommissioning and recommissioning to ensure that the instrument is up and running smoothly at the new location with minimum delays.

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How to request our services for your instruments?

10 May 2023

At SeqGen, we value your time and always strive to make requesting our services as efficient and streamlined as possible. By understanding how the process works, we can save you valuable time. 

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­­Trade in 3130 Series for 3500 Series DNA Analyzer while supplies and promotions last

28 April 2023

You may already know that Thermo Fisher has discontinued the 3130 Series Genetic Analyzer consumables and no longer offers service for this series. After utilizing your 3130 Series capillary array to its max capacity, exploring alternative options for DNA analyzers is advisable. It would be cost-effective to replace the instrument rather than keep it in your lab.

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Perform routine maintenance for mobile phases in the LCMS system

11 April 2023

When it comes to liquid chromatography, the mobile phase plays a critical role in carrying the sample through the chromatography column and into the mass spectrometer.

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See you at MSACL 2023

31 March 2023

We are so excited to tell you that we’re going to the 13th Mass Spectrometry and Advances in the Clinical Lab (MSACL) conference. We are eager to meet many incredible mass spectrometer professionals and soon-to-be alike in the clinical field.

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How to save Windows event logs in SCIEX Analyst software?

09 March 2023

SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP systems are well known for their sensitivity and robustness in mass detection and quantification. But even with modern design, things could go wrong out of nowhere.

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Are you maintaining your ABI 3130 or Upgrading to ABI 3500?

01 March 2023

Winter is almost over, and warm temperatures are slowly coming back. The cold weather lowered my car's tire pressure, and I need to check if the ice has caused any minor damage. It is the perfect time to get my car wheels checked and maintained. 

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See You at ISHI 33 in Washington DC!

28 October 2022

We are going to the 33rd International Symposium on Human Identification in Washington DC. Being an annual conference for DNA technology breakthroughs and related fields, ISHI has been an important event for us to meet and learn from excellent people in the forensic community.

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Upgrade a 3130 to 3500 Genetic Analyzer

09 September 2022

Dear valued customer,

At SeqGen, we constantly look for new ways to improve our customer value and satisfaction. Unfortunately, the rumor has become a reality; Thermo Fisher has announced they will no longer sell consumables, such as the capillary array for your DNA Analyzer, ABI 3130/xl. However, we are reaching out to our loyal customers to let them know SeqGen can help; either from the service standpoint or upgrading your instrument. We are pleased to share that SeqGen has plenty of ABI 3500 and ABI 3500xl on sale.

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See You At ASMS 2022!

27 May 2022

Guess what? We are going to the ASMS annual conference this year and we are so excited to meet you there with a ton of talk about Mass Spectrometry. 

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