­­Trade in 3130 Series for 3500 Series DNA Analyzer while supplies and promotions last


You may already know that Thermo Fisher has discontinued the 3130 Series Genetic Analyzer consumables and no longer offers service for this series. After utilizing your 3130 Series capillary array to its max capacity, exploring alternative options for DNA analyzers is advisable. It would be cost-effective to replace the instrument rather than keep it in your lab.

We do not sell consumables for 3130 Series. However, we will continue to provide service for this series until it requires a replacement of the capillary array. We have received numerous questions from our customers asking if their 3130 Series capillary array can be salvaged after encountering issues. The truth is, you may try to clean it with acid nitric. You can find the capillary array wash procedure here. Reach out to our service team if you need further assistance.

Through our Trade-In program, you can save significantly on available promotions for your current 3130 Series Genetic Analyzer and apply those savings towards purchasing a 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer. Instead of waiting for your 3130 Series to break down, consider upgrading to the 3500 Series DNA Analyzer and save on costs. 

The 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer is an improved version of the 3130 Series Genetic Analyzer. It is more sensitive, powerful, stable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and easier to use. It has a higher capillary array capacity than its predecessor. The 3500 can hold up to 8 capillaries, while the 3500xL can hold up to 24. This can save you significant time during busy weeks while also improving efficiency. Simply inject it and wait for the result of hundreds of samples.

The 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer features with pre-packed and ready-to-use reagent. You won't have to worry about refilling the reagents in the polymer bottle.

The 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer includes Data Collection Software and Secondary Analysis Software options. The user interface of the software is simple and convenient for inputting data. It also assists in identifying failed samples and re-injecting them. The different analysis software options allow you to normalize and minimize all applications across instruments and capillaries.

Enhance your lab experience with the 3500 Series. Save costs by recycling your old 3130 Series with us. Take this opportunity to upgrade.

For more information about the pricing of the 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer, details on the trade-in process, and available service options for the 3500 Series, please feel free to contact our sales team. Please get in touch with our service team if you have more technical questions about the 3500 Series. We're happy to assist you!

Written by Service Team

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