Pump and Lower Block Cost Saving Tips

Pump_and_Lower_blog.pngMy teenaged son has accused me of being OCD because we have to vacuum the entire house each week and remove our shoes before entering the house.  The jury is still out on my mental health, but I do know the life of my carpet is being prolonged! 

You may also be able to prolong the life of your pump and lower block with simple “housekeeping” techniques.   Both parts can leave a huge dent in your budget if you have to replace them.  Fortunately, with a little time and care, both can last for years. 

We sure hope your pump does not resemble this one!





This week we had a call from an end user whose pump was making a grinding noise and giving the fluid subsystem error even after water washing.  Yikes – the death knoll for a pump!  Fortunately the customer was under full coverage with SeqGen and the pump was replaced at no charge to them.  If this had not been the case, the end user would have been looking at thousands of dollars in repair charges.

Some easy steps for keeping your pump and lower block in tip-top condition include:

  •  Each time you replace your polymer, wipe down the exterior of the pump with distilled water using a Q-tip or Kimwipe.  As we mentioned in a previous blog, grocery store “distilled” water is fine.
  • Flush your pump’s water trap once per week.  It is possible that there may be dilute polymer in the trap and it is a good practice to get in the habit of doing this on the same day each week.  You may then refill the trap with distilled water.
  • Once per month run the Water Wash Wizard.  This will clean your pump’s chamber, channels, and tubing.
  • If your machine has not been in use for some time, or polymer has dried in the lower block, you may remove the lower block and soak in warm water for at least one night.  You may also use your ultrasonic bath to clean the block.

If you have questions on any of this or would like more detail give us a call!  We also love it when you share so comments are always welcome.

Written by Susan Henry

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