Don't Know What To Do With Your Old Equipment? We'll Take It!


Need a way to fund new equipment? Don't stress, we’ll buy your old equipment!

If you’re considering updating your sequencers with some of the newest and next-generation technology, we can help. We will purchase your used 3130’s, 3730s, and 7500’s so you can add the latest and greatest machines to your laboratory with ease. Don’t let the hassle of getting rid of your old equipment hold you back, we cover the whole process. Let us know that you’re willing to sell your equipment and we’ll not only pay you top dollar, but we will:

  • Personally handle the decommissioning and packaging of your equipment.
  • Handle the shipping of your equipment.
  • Offer you a FREE iPhone 6 for your transaction.

Yes, you read that correctly. Receive a FREE iPhone 6 from SeqGen when you sell us your old equipment. Sound easy enough? You may still qualify for a FREE iPhone 6 when you refer someone you know who has equipment for sale. Give us a call and let us know about your old equipment today so you can purchase next-generation equipment tomorrow.


Written by Susan Henry

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